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K Hashim LLC, Sharjah

Marine, Oilfield & Industrial Supplies


  1.  Deck Stores
  2.  Engine Stores
  3.  Electrical Stores
  4.  Safety Equipment
  5.  Marine chemicals 


Product list:

  1. Fasteners (MS / SS A2 & A4 / Brass / A325)
  2. Carbon steel & MS fittings 3000 PSI (Botwell Taiwan)
  3. Gate, check, ball valves, butterfly valves & flanges
  4. Rigging material (Grade 8 chain, fender chain, turnbuckles, Dee shackles, pulley, chain blocks, load binders, webbing sling etc)
  5. Scaling tools (pneumatic & electrical needle scalar)
  6. Welding accessories
  7. Felt sheets
  8. Gaskets (Asbestos, non asbestos, graphite, universal, rubber sheets, cork sheets etc.)
  9. Gland packing (PTFE Teflon packing 3mm to 32mm, asbestos packing , carbon graphite, aramid hybrids and other packing)
  10. Safety items (leather gloves, cotton pvc dotted gloves, knitted gloves, safety goggles, safety harness, coverall, safety shoes, rigger boots etc. )
  11. Polypropylene & manila ropes 3 strands
  12. PP cargo & gangway nets
  13. Pressure gauges, engine exhaust pyrometer, hygrometer & thermometers
  14. Non fatigue hand & deck wire brushes, tube brushes lessmann
  15. Copper wool filters
  16. Wire mesh stainless steel (120 x 120 to 2 x 2)
  17. Rubber non slip insulated mating & sheets
  18. Marine Lubricants, Pastes & Epoxy, Cordobond, Molyslip, Molykote, Carborundum, Kolor Kut, Gojo.
  19. Portable industrial ventilating fan
  20. Oil Measuring Cans, Plastic & Galv.
  21. Insulation Foam Sheet & Adhesive Foam Tape
  22. Boson Knives
  23. Rubicon Screwdrivers
  24. Emery Papers, Tapes & Rolls
  25. Valve Grinding Sticks
  26. Socket Set ¾” Sq. Drv. 6 to 24mm
  27. Socket Set ½” Sq. Drv. 10 to 32mm
  28. Steel & Fiber Measuring Tapes 3mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr.
  29. Rubber O Ring Kits
  30. Rubber O Ring Cords
  31. Copper Ring Kits 568 Assorted Sizes & 250 Assorted Sizes
  32. Interzone Splashzone protection epoxy
  33. Underwater ship maintenance products
  34. Duct tapes 



Synthetic Mooring Rope Cargo Nets/Safety Nets Hatch Cover Parts
Mooring Links & Shackles Cargo Bags/Sling Belts Emergency Towing Arrangement
Synthetic Miscellaneous Rope Canvas Maintenance Items Paint Spray Guns and Containers
Steel Wire Rope Mallets/Spikes Paint Stirrers
Non-rotating Wire Rope Rat Guards Cleaning Gun/Air Dusters
Wire Rope for Offshore Drilling Riggers\\\\\\\' Vises/Wire Rope Grips Paint Brushes/Paint Rollers
Major Wire Rope Specifications Fenders Floor Brushes/Hand Brushes
Delta Filler Wire Rope Tyres/Bicycle Tubes Tube Brushes/Cup Brushes
Green Rope Hatch Wedges Brooms/Carpet Cleaners
Stainless Steel Wire Rope Scupper Plugs Vikan Brushes
Wire Rope Slings, Cable Grips Deck Coverings Dusters/Floor Cloths


Pipes Tools Rolling bearings 
Hoses Steel tubes Joints
Couplings Valves Gaskets
Power tools Hand tools Cutting tools
Measuring instruments Metal sheets and bars Fasteners
Pipe & tube fittings Valves Bearings Packing & jointing
Welding equipment etc...  



Engines Ropes Racks
Pumps Machine Tools Marine Hardware
Air Compressors Plumbing Tools SUS Forged Flange
Refrigerating Compressors Parker Material Pipe Fittings
Oil/Fuel Purifiers Bolts Steel Materials
Steering Gears Screws Fuel Equipment
Motors Bearings Cylinders
Turbochargers Electrical Consumables Gasses
Filter Elements etc...  


Life Rafts and Life Boats Gas Detectors Smoke Detector Testers
Life Jackets/Lifebuoys Safety Lights/Signal Lamps Safety Belts
raft Accessories
Fire Hose/Fire
Hose Couplings
Safety Masks/Respirators
IMO Symbols/Safety Signs Fire Fighting Equipment Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets
Pyrotechnics Chemical Suits Work Vests/Arm Bands
Breathing Apparatus Gas Protection Suits Safety Tapes
Air Compressors Fire Extinguishers Alcohol Checkers



Laundry Soap and Detergents Misc. Cleaner and Polish Goods Distilled Water
Galley Cleaning Detergents Floor Maintenance Products Common Chemicals
Hand Cleaning Soaps and Detergents Sanitary Items

Marine Maintenance Chemicals

Marine Gases Oxygen Acetylene
Freon 12 Freon 22 Nitrogen
LPG Gas    


Lamps Fuses Scalers/Jet Chisels
Lighting Fixtures Carbon Brushes Winches/Air Motors
Cargo Lights Cables Neoprene Rubber Buckets
Hand Lamps Cable Accessories Sand Blasters
Warning Lights Solders Tank Cleaning Machines
Flashlights Electrical Insulation Materials Vacuum Cleaners
Batteries Megaphones/Loud Speakers High Pressure Cleaners
Plugs & Receptacles Test Instruments Air Line Filters
Switches Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners Electric Hand Tools
Circuit Breakers/Transformers Pneumatic Hand Tools Scaling Machines