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K Hashim LLC, Sharjah

Marine, Oilfield & Industrial Supplies

Oil & Gas Div


K. Hashim LLC is a value added reseller (VAR), who’s primary, but not exclusive focus, is on
drilling tools, supplies and systems. K. Hashim LLC can supply virtually any drilling or petroleum
related product that could be required for land and offshore drilling, completion and production
operations. These includes drill bits, surface valves, drilling fluid chemicals, shale shaker screens,
drill pipe screens, downhole drilling motors, downhole survey instruments (MWD & wireline
conveyed), wireline units, downhole valves, wireline probes, non magnetic and conventional drill
string components, roller reamers, hole openers, whipstocks, mud pump parts, blowout
preventer parts, coring equipment, hand tools, pipeline components and many other oilfield
related products and services.
Some of the other fields that we specialize in are: Test and Measuring Instruments, including
Metrology Equipment, Non Destructive Testing Equipment and Consumables, Generators, Power
Supplies, Batteries Pneumatic Products including compressors and accessories.
Ever closer relationships with supplier and customer alike, will ensure we continue to offer a full
range of quality drilling equipment, products, and services, accurately meeting what our
customers expect and require, at all times. K. Hashim LLC has an established network of quality
certified manufacturers to support its ongoing and new business ventures. Let me assure you
that K. Hashim LLC is price competitive in all of its areas of activity.
We look forward to hearing from you and establishing a mutually beneficial and long-term
relationship with yourselves.